About Me

In 2015, our female dog gave birth to the cutest puppies. Naturally, as new pup parents we just had to share their pictures and videos. Friends and family immediately reached out to us to see if they can buy one. 

After selling them, we saw how much joy and companionship they brought and loved to see how well they were taken care of by their families. The experience from beginning to end was so rewarding. We were absolutely hooked by these adorable pups! In 2019, we welcomed our first Toy Pomeranian to our family. In addition to how tiny, cute, and easy my Toy Pomeranian was to clean up after, she was also energetic, very playful, affectionate and loved our attention. She was a great breed of choice. So good that we bought 4 more (All of our babies: Achilles, Winter, Madonna, Rufus and Mystique.) They have been such a big part of our family. In fact, whenever we're out and about you'll most likely see one or more of them with us.

Whelping our puppies from home gives us the opportunity to watch them grow. One of the enjoyable aspects of watching our puppies grow is seeing their personalities develop over time. Each of them have their own unique quirks and characteristics. They make us smile and laugh as they display their individual energy level, some very energetic, others very calm and collected. Watching them grow from fuzzy little bundles of fur to fluffy cute puppies ready to "leave the nest" is a heartwarming experience. It's all so heartwarming and even though the bond between our puppies and ourselves is so precious and it makes us sad to depart from them, we will continue to raise them for loving families that need our special fur balls of love.